JEE Main 2024 (January 27th) Exam : A Balanced Challenge

The first session of the JEE Main 2024 exam, held on January 27th, has garnered mixed reactions from students and experts alike. Let’s delve into the details:

Overall Difficulty:

  • Most students found the paper to be of moderate difficulty, with questions primarily based on the CBSE Class XI and XII syllabus.
  • Both Chemistry and Physics sections were generally considered balanced, with a mix of easy, moderate, and tough questions.
  • Mathematics, on the other hand, seemed slightly more challenging, especially for some specific topics like Calculus and Coordinate Geometry.

Shift-wise Analysis:

  • Shift 1: Described as slightly easier than Shift 2, with more formula-based problems and less emphasis on application-oriented questions.
  • Shift 2: Considered slightly tougher, particularly in Mathematics, demanding a deeper understanding of concepts and problem-solving skills.

Key Observations:

  • The paper covered a wider range of topics compared to previous years, testing diverse skills.
  • Numerical-based questions were prominent across all sections, requiring strong calculation abilities.
  • Logical reasoning and analytical thinking played a crucial role in solving several problems.

Expert Opinions:

  • The exam tested more on conceptual understanding than rote memorization, which aligns with the changing pattern of JEE.
  • Time management was crucial, as the paper contained 90 questions to be solved within 3 hours.
  • Strategic attempts across sections were essential to maximize scores.

Current Status:

  • The answer key and official analysis are yet to be released by the National Testing Agency (NTA).
  • Various coaching institutes and educational platforms have provided unofficial answer keys and paper analyses.

Looking Forward:

  • The next session of JEE Main 2024 is scheduled for January 30th & February 1st.
  • Candidates can utilize the insights from the January 27th exam to refine their preparation strategy for the upcoming sessions.


This writeup is based on preliminary information and student reactions. The official NTA analysis will provide a more accurate picture of the exam’s difficulty level and question distribution.

Remember, this is just an overview. If you have specific questions about the exam or want to delve deeper into any particular section, feel free to ask /call at UNO TEST PREP

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