10 day NEET Entire syllabus revision plan

10-day revision plan for the NEET exam:

Day 1:

  • Biology: Plant Physiology (Focus on Photosynthesis and Respiration)
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Focus on Alkanes and Alkenes)
  • Physics: Mechanics (Focus on Laws of Motion and Work-Energy Theorem)

Day 2:

  • Biology: Genetics and Molecular Biology (Focus on DNA replication, Transcription, Translation)
  • Chemistry: Physical Chemistry (Focus on Chemical Equilibrium and Thermochemistry)
  • Physics: Mechanics (Focus on Rotational Motion and Gravitation)

Day 3:

  • Biology: Human Physiology (Focus on Digestive system and Respiratory system)
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Focus on Alkynes, Alcohols, and Ethers)
  • Physics: Mechanics (Focus on Circular Motion and Elasticity)

Day 4:

  • Biology: Ecology and Environment (Focus on Food Chains and Webs, Biogeochemical Cycles)
  • Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry (Focus on Chemical Bonding and Periodic Table)
  • Physics: Waves (Focus on Sound Waves and Wave Optics)

Day 5:

  • Biology: Reproduction (Focus on Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health)
  • Chemistry: Physical Chemistry (Focus on Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry)
  • Physics: Electromagnetism (Focus on Electromagnetic Induction and AC Circuits)

Day 6:

  • Biology: Biotechnology and Its Applications (Focus on Recombinant DNA Technology and Bioprocess Engineering)
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Focus on Aromatic Compounds, Carbonyl Compounds, and Amines)
  • Physics: Modern Physics (Focus on Atoms and Nuclei)

Day 7:

  • Biology: Cell Biology and Microbiology (Focus on Cell Organelles, Microbes in Human Welfare)
  • Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry (Focus on p-Block Elements and Coordination Compounds)
  • Physics: Communication Systems (Focus on Modulation and Detection)

Day 8:

  • Biology: Human Health and Diseases (Focus on Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases)
  • Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry (Focus on d- and f-Block Elements and Metallurgy)
  • Physics: Optics (Focus on Reflection and Refraction)

Day 9:

  • Biology: Diversity in Living World (Focus on Classification and Characteristics of Five Kingdoms)
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Focus on Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives)
  • Physics: Mechanics (Focus on Centre of Mass and Collisions)

Day 10:

  • Focus on revision of weak areas, solving previous year papers and mock tests, and reviewing important formulas and diagrams.

Remember to take breaks, stay hydrated, and get adequate rest during the revision period. All the best for your NEET exam!